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School Lunch Delivery Service for the San Francisco Bay Area

Our school lunch delivery service caters to:

  • Parents that value a wide variety of healthy school lunch menus to please their kids.
  • Students that appreciate fresh, healthy, delicious meals and sides.
  • Schools that want a simple, easy to manage service.

Our school lunch menu offers:

  • 12 to 14 daily hot and cold meals selections.
  • Over 20 daily beverage, snack and dessert options, many are organic.
  • Customizable meals:
  • Upgrade to organic school lunches
  • Make them gluten free, no dairy, add extra veggies
  • Substitute breads, pasta and tortillas for whole wheat
  • Substitute white rice for brown rice… and more

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Create an account for your child at their school, center or camp.

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Pre-order meals and sides for the days you wish.

Foodie Bliss!

We deliver fresh to your child, individually labeled to make distribution a breeze.

Our Menu

Nutritious School Lunches

Kids want nutritious school lunches with fresh, eye appealing, delicious meals just like us grown-ups. Many of our organic and gourmet lunches are made from scratch with ingredients from local purveyors.

  • Meat and dairy products are hormone free.
  • Much of our produce comes from growers located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  • We pack all our hot meals fresh the morning of service.
  • We offer organic chicken and grass-fed beef for select entrees each month.

Below are some examples of our rotating hot and cold entrees, snacks and beverages. All meals come with seasonal fruit and veggies at no extra charge.

Select from a Wide Variety of Drink, Snack and Dessert Options

Our Story

Before we were a school catering company and meal provider, we served businesses and individuals in San Francisco and the greater East Bay.

Our First Delivery Truck


Russ Upton opens Upton’s Restaurant and Catering on California Street in San Francisco’s Financial District and thrives for more than a decade.

Uncle Russ, Grandma Olivia and Auntie Vern


Clearing space to build San Francisco’s Bank of America building, Upton’s relocates to Lombard Street and becomes a neighborhood staple for breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering. Uncle Russ also begins cafeteria service to local schools.

Mom and Dad


Jim & Linda King take over for retiring Uncle Russ and focus on cafeteria services and catering to local schools. They craft a wide variety of healthy, popular kid-friendly menus and succeed for over 30 years.

Dennis and Dad


Growing up in the business, Dennis King begins taking over from mom and dad and creates SchoolFoodies. The online delivery service starts modestly as a small side business featuring our many popular recipes.


Thanks to family support and a dedicated team of employees, SchoolFoodies now serves kids all across the Bay Area from our new kitchen in Alameda. Our team enjoys creating lunchtime smiles every day.

Our Values

Our Mission: Quality in Public & Private School Lunches

Most parents are rightfully concerned about potential pesticides, chemicals and hormones in today’s public and private school food. They want steps taken to ensure their children’s school lunches are safe and nutritious. Children’s palettes should develop consuming fresh, whole, minimally processed foods with the goal of building lifelong healthy eating habits. Most parents would also like their children to understand their relationship to nature and the environment. Everyone is a “steward” of resources and shares responsibility for our food, water, air, soil, energy, wildlife, and local community. Our school lunch catering embraces these values.

Local Purveyors

We source local ingredients when possible, preferably within a 90 mile radius of San Francisco. Sourcing locally has many benefits:

  • Often leads to fresher, better tasting, higher nutritional value foods
  • Improves food safety by reducing the number of steps from the source to the table
  • Connects local purveyors more directly to consumers
  • Promotes sustainable agriculture and the preservation of local green spaces and farmlands
  • Reduces transportation pollution and fuel costs
  • Supports small family businesses and their local (often rural) economies


Produce: • Capay Organic – Capay, CA • County Line Harvest – Petaluma, CA • Lakeside Organic Gardens – Watsonville, CA • Jayleaf – Hollister, CA • Castaneda Brothers – Vacaville, CA • Durst Growers – Esparto, CA • Ratto Brothers – Modesto, CA • River Dog Farm – Guinda, CA • Coke Farm – San Juan Bautista, CA Dairy: • Clover Stornetta – Petaluma, CA • Tillamook – Tillamook, OR Breads: • Athens Bakery – Oakland, CA Meats: • Fork in the Road Foods – San Francisco, CA • Foster Farms – Livingston, CA • Pitman Farms (Mary’s Chicken) – Singer, CA • Harris Ranch – Coalinga, CA • Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef – Fossil, OR • Aidells – San Lorenzo, CA Packaging: • World Centric – Petaluma, CA

SchoolFoodies has partnered with Petaluma based World Centric to custom design the Bay Area’s first “truly” compostable meal tray. The trays are made from unbleached wheat straw fiber. Wheat straw is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted from the plant. The trays are made from the stalks and not from the food grain which stores proteins and allergens, so they are gluten free. They are FDA approved for food contact and meet the ASTM D-6400 standards for municipal composting facilities.

  • Two Compartments to Separate Wet & Dry and Keep Veggies on the Side
  • Sturdy and Strong, Microwave Safe
  • Commercial Composting Time: 1-3 Months
  • Lidding Film is FDA Approved for Food Contact, BPA Free and Microwave Safe

Our central kitchen has passed six local county audits to become a Certified Green Business:

  • We Conserve Water & Power
  • Efficiently Compost and Recycle Waste
  • Use Energy Efficient Appliances & Lighting
  • Purchase Recycled Consumables Wherever Possible

The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce ranks pesticide contamination for popular fruits and vegetables based on thousands of tests conducted each year by the USDA and FDA. Their research reveals which 12 produce items are often the most contaminated and which 15 have little to no pesticide/chemical residues. We strive to never serve “Dirty Dozen” produce items, unless organic. We serve conventional “Clean 15” items as they are considered safe for consumption. By following this methodology we can reduce potential pesticide exposures up to 92%. Click here for more details about the “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce” and the EWG.

Judith Levine is a registered dietitian with over thirty five years of experience in helping individuals and families change their eating habits within the context of their lifestyles. She has a private practice in San Francisco, where she provides individual diet counseling for children, adults and families. She is our consulting dietician and writes our “Foodie Facts,” which are nutritional tips and advice for families. Parents receive her tips each month via e-mail. Judith is the author of the book Helping Your Child Lose Weight The Healthy Way: A Family Approach To Weight Control (Kensington Publishing, New York, revised 2001). Her book offers parents weight-loss solutions for children that won’t stunt their growth or damage their self-esteem. Levine has appeared numerous times on television and radio news/talk shows. She has been interviewed in major newspapers throughout California, including the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News. She has appeared in Parenting, Newsweek, and Sunset Magazines. Ms. Levine appeared in “The Weight of Obesity,” a national documentary about child obesity in America that aired on public television in 2005. Her academic credits include: a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of California, Berkeley; a dietetic internship from Cornell Medical Center where she received her R.D.; and an M.S. in Health Education with a Nutrition Emphasis from San Francisco State University.

Food Service for Schools FAQ

Does SchoolFoodies offer a mobile app?

Yes!  It is available on the both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Download Instructions:

  • Click the Apple or Android logo below to download the SchoolBitez app to your phone.
  • Enter the caterer code: schoolfoodies
  • Enter your login credentials to access your Foodies account or create a new account with your school’s registration code.


How Do I Register?

Register on our homepage by clicking the Register/Login button. Enter your user name, e-mail address and create a password.  Proceed to Add Child and enter your child’s name, school registration code and grade. Setup your Payment Profile with your preferred credit card, or link to your bank account using eCheck. Proceed to place orders.

*Please contact us, or your school, if you do not know your school’s registration code.

How Do I Order and what is Included?

Select the meals, drinks and snacks on the days you wish in the ordering calendar and add them to your cart. There are two ways to order. “Auto Select” allows you to rank your favorites and post them for a date range. “Manually Select” allows you to order for specific days. To learn more please visit the Order Policy in the ordering system. All meals include fruit and veggies.

What is the Order Deadline?

The rolling order deadline is at 9am three days prior to service days. Please order before 9am on Friday to receive service on the upcoming Monday, before 9am on Saturday for service on the upcoming Tuesday and so on. Emergency meals are available until 5am on service days.

What is the Cancel Deadline?

It is the same as the order deadline, at 9am three days prior to service days. Simply login and click Modify Orders to credit/cancel purchases. The funds will move into your account as a positive balance, which will be applied to your next order.

How do I Order or Cancel a Meal after the Deadline has passed?

Call or e-mail us with requests. We will do our best to accommodate your needs if time permits. No changes are allowed on the day of service as we have already prepared the labels, meals and sides for delivery.

How Can I Reduce Mouse Clicks when Ordering for an Entire Month?

We highly recommend using “Auto Select.” If you spend some time with your student and rank his/her favorites in the Favorites section your time spent ordering will be dramatically reduced moving forward. You can simply select a date range and post the favorites automatically.

I Placed an Order, but it seems to be Missing. How Do I Proceed?

Please call or e-mail us.  We will work to find the unprocessed cart, push it through and charge your card on file, so you do not need to re-enter your order.

How Do I Customize Meals (or Avoid Allergens like Gluten, Dairy, etc)?

We offer the ability for parents to customize meals.  You can make them gluten free, no dairy, remove the cheese, add extra veggies, remove veggies, etc.  Customizing in Favorites will change the meal every time you order it using “Auto Select”.  Customizing in Manually Select will only change the meal for the specific day you make the change.  We prepare customized meals separately and have a special sticker on the meal so the school and student know it was prepared properly.

How Do I Update my Credit Card Information?

Login and select “Payment Profiles” to add, change or delete credit cards. eCheck is also available to link to your bank account.

Can I Send a Check Instead of Using a Credit Card?

Yes, simply send a check with your student’s name and school. We will add the balance to your account, which you can draw down as you order. Most parents that use this service send $200 or more to last a few months.

How Do I View my Past and Pending Orders? Can I Print Orders in a Calendar Format?

While logged into the system visit the Order Schedule to view pending orders. Click Print Calendar to keep a calendar handy and keep track of your selections.

My School doesn’t have SchoolFoodies. How Do I Proceed?

There is no cost to schools and no order minimums for parents. However, we do ask that each location maintain an average of approximately 40 meals, or more, per day. We serve school, child care centers and summer camps. We can provide meals as unitized (individually packaged meals) and also family style (in bulk).

If your school is located in the Bay Area and you believe your school can maintain the minimum, please fill out the contact us form below. We will be in touch soon with more information.

My daughter just had her first week of meals from SchoolFoodies and she has given them rave reviews. She actually brought her uneaten portion home and her sandwich looked very nicely put together, with plenty of extra accompaniments. I’d have eaten it gladly if it was my lunch!

Parent, Brenda A.

Our school selected SchoolFoodies because of their wide selection of meals and ability to customize. As a parent, the meals they prepare are fresh, they give large portions and the prices are great!  They have attentive customer service and respond to emails and phone calls. They helped me set up and account and place my first lunch order.

Parent, Elizabeth F.

I would like to let you know my daughter, a very picky eater, really likes your lunches.   I come home every day from work and ask how was lunch, expecting a “look”, and I get the answer “very good.” It is a challenge to please her, but somehow you make it happen. A “very good” is quite a compliment!

Parent, Ian S.    

News and Updates

Lunch is Served

Student meals have come a long way since the days of mystery meat.


Schoolfoodies.com - Our Story

How SchoolFoodies Delivers Healthy School Lunches – Sustainably

The best part of the work that I do is getting to meet awesome business owners and professionals who are doing really great work. In this ongoing series, I’ll be sharing some of these stories to provide real-life examples of sustainability in action.


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School Foodies services San Francisco, Marin and the greater East Bay, including Alameda, Berkeley, Blackhawk, Concord, Danville, Dublin, El Cerrito, Fremont, Hayward, Lafayette, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Walnut Creek.

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