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Our Values: Expect More for School Lunch

  • Most parents are rightfully concerned about potential pesticides, chemicals and hormones in today’s public and private school lunches.
  • They want steps taken to ensure their children’s school lunches are safe and nutritious.
  • Children’s palettes should develop consuming fresh, whole, minimally processed foods with the goal of building lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Our program embraces these values by including many organic school lunch delivery options.

We source local ingredients when possible, preferably within a 90 mile radius of San Francisco. Sourcing locally has many benefits:

  • Often leads to fresher, better tasting, higher nutritional value foods
  • Improves food safety by reducing the number of steps from the source to the table
  • Connects local purveyors more directly to consumers
  • Promotes sustainable agriculture and the preservation of local green spaces and farmlands
  • Reduces transportation pollution and fuel costs
  • Supports small family businesses and their local (often rural) economies



Produce: • Capay Organic – Capay, CA • County Line Harvest – Petaluma, CA • Lakeside Organic Gardens – Watsonville, CA • Jayleaf – Hollister, CA • Castaneda Brothers – Vacaville, CA • Durst Growers – Esparto, CA • Ratto Brothers – Modesto, CA • River Dog Farm – Guinda, CA • Coke Farm – San Juan Bautista, CA Dairy: • Clover Stornetta – Petaluma, CA • Tillamook – Tillamook, OR Breads: • Athens Bakery – Oakland, CA Meats: • Fork in the Road Foods – San Francisco, CA  • Pitman Farms (Mary’s Chicken) – Singer, CA • Harris Ranch – Coalinga, CA • Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef – Fossil, OR • Aidells – San Lorenzo, CA Packaging: • World Centric – Petaluma, CA

  • Our Meal Trays are Custom Designed by World Centric
  • Two Compartments to Separate Wet & Dry and Keep Veggies on the Side
  • Made from Compressed Wheat Straw Fiber
  • Sturdy and Strong, Microwave Safe
  • Lidding Film is FDA Approved for Food Contact, BPA Free and Microwave Safe

SchoolFoodies is a Certified Green Business!

  • Our central kitchen has passed six local county audits
  • We Conserve Water & Power
  • We Efficiently Compost and Recycle Waste
  • We Use Energy Efficient Appliances & Lighting
  • We Purchase Recycled Consumables Wherever Possible


The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce ranks pesticide contamination for popular fruits and vegetables based on thousands of tests conducted each year by the USDA and FDA. Their research reveals which 12 produce items are often the most contaminated and which 15 have little to no pesticide/chemical residues. We strive to never serve “Dirty Dozen” produce items, unless organic. We serve conventional “Clean 15” items as they are considered safe for consumption. By following this methodology we can reduce potential pesticide exposures up to 92%. Click here for more details about the “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce” and the EWG.