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Our Small Family Business Story: Over 70 Years in The Making.

Thanks to family support over many decades and a dedicated team of employees, SchoolFoodies now serves kids all across the Bay Area from our kitchen in Hayward. Our mission is to create lunchtime smiles every day.


Russ Upton opens Upton’s Restaurant and Catering on California Street in San Francisco’s Financial District and thrives for more than a decade. Our First Delivery Truck.


Uncle Russ, Grandma Olivia and Auntie Vern. Clearing space to build San Francisco’s Bank of America building, Upton’s relocates to Lombard Street and becomes the neighborhood staple for breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering. Uncle Russ also begins cafeteria service to local schools.


Jim & Linda King take over for retiring Uncle Russ and focus on cafeteria services and catering to local schools. They craft a wide variety of healthy, popular kid-friendly menus and succeed for over 30 years.


Growing up in the business, Dennis King begins taking over from mom and dad and creates SchoolFoodies. The online delivery service starts modestly as a small side business featuring our many popular recipes. Dennis and Dad!